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Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora
Shakti Arora, who plays a double role in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, talks about living dual lives on screen.
How do you manage to keep both the roles different? Does it get confusing? 
When I get the script for either character, the first thing I do is create the scenario in my mind and start thinking as either RV or Milan. Once that framework is ready within, it’s very clear and no confusion takes place. Since the characterisation is an extension of my own personality, I have defined each one’s mannerisms systematically.
Is it more fun playing the bad guy? 
An actor is thirsty for variations and I am lucky that I am getting to play a positive and negative character, which satisfies me as an actor completely. A good guy has a straight line of action, but it’s the bad that gives the adrenaline gush. How bad can I get, how fearful can I become — is the challenge that makes me work on the character.
How did you prepare for the new role?
It was easy in a way. I had to be the opposite of what RV is. All that RV can never do, Milan has to do. RV is innocent whereas Milan is scheming and ruthless. I made sure that my eyes convey what character I am playing.
What are the reactions you have been getting for the latest track? 
I have been getting excellent feedback. RV was accepted well already and now my double is hated, but loved too, because Milan will make RV a larger-than-life hero.
Did you give any inputs of your own towards the new character?
Oh yes, plenty. It emerged from my years of experience, my study of films and the stalwarts who’ve inspired me to subtly add nuances to the bad character, yet not cross the limits — just create an aura of negativity, that makes the audience sit up and say ‘now what’?
What’s your favourite movie with double role?
Amitabhji’s Don, of course.
Do you have a message for Ranveer-Ishani fans who want to see them together? 
Keep loving us, we’re there for you and will remain together.
Please mention a scene in recent episodes that made you crack up while shooting…
It’s difficult to pinpoint really, but scenes where there are lot of emotions and action, scenes where either of my characters has to prove himself. It cracks me up! The frame of mind, body reactions and eyes have to be in tandem with the character and that draws a lot of energy from within.

All that RV can’t do, Milan has to do: Shakti Arora

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